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Distance for Difference, prepping for 500 km!

On behalf of Byers Security and in support of Patch Helderberg I will be doing the 500 km one day challenge Distance for Difference. In preparation I have just completed Karoo2Coast from Uniondale to Knysna and the Citrusdal Mtb event and it is 25 days to go! Exciting times.

"Distance For Difference (D4D) is a registered section 21 company and non-profit organisation. We help to mobilise runners, cyclists, walkers and swimmers to get sponsorships for every kilometer they complete during the year. With the money we collect, we help to make the lives of specifically children a little bit easier and make their future look a bit more promising."

"PATCH / Helderberg Child Abuse Centre aims to support all child victims of sexual abuse in the Helderberg area of Cape Town, South Africa and strives to prevent the incidence of this horrific crime committed against innocent children. We believe that every child victim of sexual abuse is entitled to immediate crisis intervention, free professional therapy in his/her home language at a PATCH facility close to the child victim’s home, and preparation for the court case, should their case go to court.

PATCH / Helderberg Child Abuse Centre was established in 1992 as a non-profit organisation and is directed by voluntary community members serving as a Board of Directors. Due to the high incidence of child sexual abuse, it was decided to change the focus of the organisation in 2000 to specialise in addressing this scourge. At this time, Child Welfare was established in the Helderberg and incorporated all other abuse-related cases, leaving PATCH to deal exclusively in child sexual abuse cases."

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