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Load Shedding and your Alarm Battery

Load shedding places a huge amount of strain on all industries, especially the Security industry. Crime increases during these times while systems, back up batteries and communication networks takes a knock in performance due to an increase in demand.

The moment load shedding kicks in, your local Armed Response company receives all clients’ AC power failure signals at once. Between these signals, they also receive real Alarms, False Alarms, Panic Signals, Neighbourhood Watch and SAPS updates. Some of the Cell Panics may not reach them due to Network connectivity loss in certain areas and in some cases they cannot reach a client on their Cell phone for the same reason. Several clients also test their alarms during load shedding, causing a huge amount of signals coming through at once. Challenges also occur with Response Officers that might be stuck in traffic jams with traffic lights being out and street lights being out.

•It is important that your alarm system has an adequate battery supply. Batteries should be checked regularly.

•Alarms should be checked during extended power outages to keep systems running properly.

•Power cuts can impact on fire systems and fire control systems; so these also need to be checked regularly.

•The more frequent use of gas and candles can increase the risk of fire and home fire extinguishers should be on hand.

•Make sure to put off all electronic equipment in use when disrupted by load shedding, i.e. Stove, Hair Dryers, Heaters etc.

•Know the different stages and schedules for your property and inform your children accordingly.

•Double check if your driveway gate closes properly before leaving or entering the property, ensure the battery backup

is working.

•Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Chat group and have your mobile phone close by for crime updates in your area.

•Remain vigilant during a power cut; be on the look-out for any suspicious activity and report this to you local Neighbourhood Watch, Armed Response Team and SAPS.

•Keep a Mobile phone charger pack charged so you can charge run down phones.

•Try to avoid candles, and rather use Torches or Battery lights - keep one in every room at the same place for easy access if possible.

•Make sure your Mobile phone has sufficient Data and Airtime as WIFI will be affected during load shedding - Store emergency numbers as a shortcut button on your mobile phone for easy access.

•In addition to an alarm system, sign up with your local AR company for a Mobile Panic, this will link your number to the control room with Response to your property when pressed. No alarm system is needed for this service.

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