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Introduction: "The Mandate of PSiRA derives from the Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001. The primary objective of the Authority is to regulate the private security industry and to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service provider in the public and national interest and in the interest of the private security industry itself."

Frequently Asked Questions - Extract from

"Question:  What is the requirement for individual registration?

•    Be 18 years of age and older;

•    Be a permanent resident of South Africa; 

•    Have not committed any of the scheduled criminal offenses listed in the Private Security Industry Regulation Act;

•    Have completed training at an accredited training centre;

•    Not be a member of any official military, Security Police or intelligence force in South Africa or elsewhere (Clearance certificate is required for former members)


Question: It is my first time registering for PSiRA what steps should I follow?

Registration Process 

Please click on the below link and follow the steps to apply for Individual Registration or go to the Internet Café to apply:

Follow the below steps to apply for PSIRA Online Registration:

•    1st step, click Security Officer.

•    2nd step, select Register now.

•    3rd step, click (yes, I meet the requirements).

•    4th step, enter your details as appearing on the screen.

•    5th step, if you don’t have an email address. Please create one, by choosing the option under email address.

•    6th step, click the box written I am not a robot.

•    7th step, click submit and you will receive login details.

•    8th step, press submit and you will receive an OTP Number and login details.

•    9th step, press login, and enter your Username and Password.

•    10th step, you will answer 4 security questions.

•    11th step, after completing the security questions, click on pay now (R270.00).

•    12th step, then follow the steps until you are done.

Once your profile is registered on the Online Digital System. Go to your nearest Police Station to be complete the fingerprints. When you are done completing the fingerprints form, book a branch visit online for submission of fingerprints together with certified ID copy (new registration).

Individuals and businesses registration can be verified through the PSiRA website home page by clicking on individual verification or business verification 

•    Individual verification can be done through ID or PSiRA number search 

•    Business verification can be done through PSiRA number or company name search 

•    Users can also check certificate status and expiry date 

•    Users can also Verify if a business is registered or accredited 


Question: My fingerprints came back as a retake what does it mean?
Answer:   Retake means that your fingerprints were not of an acceptable standard, so you need to redo fingerprints and resubmit   


Question: My PSiRA status says INACTIVE what does it mean?
Answer: Inactive means that you are currently not employed or linked to any security business 


Question: My PSiRA status says Active what does it mean?
Answer: You are currently Employed/ linked to a security business.


Question: MY CRC status refers as Legal/Refer to subcommittee, what must I do?
Answer: A new set of fingerprints must be submitted for the application to be expedited.


Question: My CRC status say New Application what does it mean? 
Answer: Fingerprints have just been submitted recently and the application should be added to a batch.


Question: My CRC status says Approved what must I do next?
Answer: your fingerprints have been approved, if your registration status is also approved you can download your certificate online and book a branch visit to collect your card. If your registration status is not approved contact us so that we can check progress on your application.

Question: My applications status says Training Pending what does it mean?

Answer: Minimum Grade (E)or Recognition of prior learning not submitted.

Question: Can I courier fingerprints?
Answer: Only when it is a retake, if it is a first submission you are required to visit your nearest branch


Question: What if my CRC status has been updated to Case awaiting trial?

Answer: Applicant has only 90 days to upload the stamped case results either from SAPS, Dept of Justice or Docket

Question: What happens if my application has been rejected by the committee?

Answer: Applicant has 60 days to make an appeal and if 60 days has lapsed they may follow the re-application process.

Question: What does possible illicit mean?
Answer: It Means there is a possible offence committed under your name


Question: What can I do if registration status is rejected?

 Answer: Applicant must follow the re-application process.


•    Follow the steps/questionnaires asked

•    Login, click on re-apply tab

•    Make payment online

•    Then visit the nearest PSiRA branch with a set of fingerprints and certified ID copy.


Question: What can I do if one forgot my login details?
Answer: Applicant can visit our website then select online services, login to your profile, Enter the username and click on forgot password


Question: How can I check my grades on my profile?
Answer: Please note to check your grades you need to login your profile 

•    On the dashboard, click on personal information (Your highest grade will appear) 

To check your training records, follow steps below:

•    Dashboard

•    Click View Profile

•    Training Records (all your Grades will appear)"

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