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Polygraph Services

Byers Security Solutions - Polygraph Services

The polygraph is one of the most important investigation tools available to an investigator today. Byers Security makes use of the polygraph as a tool to obtain information and at times to narrow down the suspect list.


From Pre-Employment to Periodic and Specific tests, polygraph tests provide accurate results, identifying risks as well as assisting in clearing innocent persons. Byers Security offers the following types of polygraph tests:


Pre-Employment Tests:

Screening of applicants prior to employment is of particular relevance in positions where honesty is important. Prospective applicants are tested on:
•Work history details
•Prior criminal activity and convictions
•Narcotic and Alcohol abuse


Periodic Tests:

Employees are tested periodically to establish on-going truthfulness and honesty and can assist in identifying risks.

Specific Tests:

Used to establish truthfulness regarding:
•Criminal Activity
•Private Issues
•Event participation compliance – i.e. drug taking

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