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The Effects of Loadshedding on your Security System & Security Provider

The South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA) is an association of service providers of security systems, ranging from basic alarms to sophisticated electronic intruder detection systems and CCTV, and incorporating signal monitoring as well as the provision of armed reaction services. SAIDSA is regarded as the Watchdog of this segment of the industry and has the interests of both its members and the public at heart. Read this interesting & relevant bulletin published by SAIDSA:

"The effects of load shedding on your security system Loadshedding has become a reality in South Africa and is here to stay. Unfortunately, the consequences of loadshedding is far reaching and pretty much out of your and our control. As a security system owner you are faced with the danger of having no power to your security system due to flat batteries, rendering you vulnerable to intrusion.

While your security service provider’s control room is adequately able to function during these times, they can only respond if they receive a signal from your system. Frequent power failures can lead to battery failure as well as possible surges that might damage your electronic equipment during power shut down and power up.

  • Service delivery in terms of response are under enormous pressure due to the fact that signal volumes increase exponentially due to low battery and AC Fail signals.

  • Response times can also be affected due to response companies having to deal with traffic congestion due to traffic lights being out of order.

  • Technical service delivery is also under pressure due to more and more system failures as a result of load shedding.

How we can work together SAIDSA, together with its member companies are constantly working together and looking for ways to provide solutions to this ongoing problem and to ensure minimal interruption to its service delivery during load shedding. SAIDSA would like to urge the public to assist the security companies to provide everybody with the service they deserve when they need it.

You can help us by following these few guidelines below.

  • Ensure your battery is still in good working condition and able to provide sufficient power to your system during power outages. Have your battery checked by your service provider.

  • Assist your service provider by cancelling false alarms with the control room, prior to them dispatching a response vehicle.

  • Consider making use of alternative methods of powering your security system i.e. Solar panels or larger back up battery systems with extended power supplies as well as the use of generators.

Issued by: The South African Intruder Detection Services Association Compliancy Saves Lives!"

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