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Get Real Security, Not Window Dressing

In our experience, homeowners focus on protecting doors far more than they do windows. Also, many are tempted not to install security systems on top-floor windows, thinking that they’re not accessible from the outside. This is naïve thinking. Burglars will take any opportunity – an open, unsecured window is an open invitation to a criminal!

Many people are put off window security, as they believe it will make their home look like a prison. This isn’t true today. There are tremendous advancements in security products for all aspects of the home which are actually quite pleasing on the eye.

Consider the benefit of security gates, such as expandable barrier gates, from Maxidor. These are a non-invasive form of securing your home and can be applied in many areas, such as windows.

These barriers can be installed in any shape or size of window, and offer the following benefits:

  • The styled flights provide additional stability to the barrier.

  • The curved shape of the flight provides an aesthetic appeal and consistent look.

  • The uprights are spaced close together to prevent entry.

  • A unique lug channel fits flush with the window to prevent tampering.

  • The screws cannot be tampered with.

  • Removal is only possible using specialised tools.

We are so confident in the design of our window security barriers that our products offer a 10-year Buy-back™ guarantee and a five-year product guarantee.

Then there are the Maxi-View burglar bars, which are completely see-through, but 100% effective. And, with the Maxi-View Ultra Armed Bar, you can connect the Maxi-View burglar bars to any alarm system to provide permanent perimeter protection and peace of mind for everyone in the house.

We’ve often been asked “but what about escaping in the event of an emergency”, when offering advice on window security. This is a very important consideration and one which we have not neglected.

Just as window security is an essential part of an overall security plan, being able to escape out of the premises in the event of an emergency is also paramount. Traditional metal or aluminium bars can be a dangerous obstacle if you’re trapped inside during a fire, for example.

The Maxi-View burglar bars have a rapid hot-lock unlocking mechanism, which enables the occupants to remove and bend the bars away in order to exit the premises. If the bars are connected to an armed response service provider, the alarm system will activate a panic signal immediately after the bars are removed from the casing. and the necessary emergency assistance will be dispatched.

Research shows that the most common point of access for criminals is a door or window. Tighten up your window security and you will be making the average criminal’s “job” a lot harder.

Via Maxidor

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