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Byers Self defense training

Byers Security has been tasked to manage the security needs for Airport City Improvement District. Byers Security also offer a monitoring and response service to the clients in Airport. Airport CID and Byers Response Officers in Airport face various challenges daily and they need to know what their roles and responsibilities are and what situations they are likely to face Gracie Jiu Jitsu Cape Town specialise in training Armed / Unarmed Response, Security and Law Enforcement personal throughout South Africa.

Byers Management agreed to enroll the officers in a one day training course. The program included combat, suspect management, control and restraint, everything the Reaction Officers needs to know about defending themselves and their clients. Courses 1 Day Security Officer Safety Training Course Course Remit Teach Officers, Situational Awareness & Control, Tactics and Last Resort Defensive and Offensive skills inc unarmed and all appropriate weapons for their roles within the company. To teach them in a compressed syllabus, working in unison with the current training and company policies. To test their skills and ability too apply concepts, under appropriate pressure and stress, for the environment they will be operating in.

Training Objective To give staff simple skills and concepts to read situations, recognise pre-assault indicators of violence, mitigate risk of confrontation or injury, by using Situational Awareness and Control and enhance safety on the job and in life. To get to a point where there is minimum risk of harm to officer, customer, or suspect. To enable staff to take effective, offensive and defensive measures against criminal attacks. To stay upright and conscious, to effectively maintain space / create space for (if necessary) safe weapon access. To solve in fight problems with simple solutions, with appropriate and legal use of weapons and force. To defend themselves with least risk of injury to the officer, customers and the suspect. Overall concept, space creates time, time allows for better decisions (for both the officer and the criminal), better decisions facilitates minimum risk of injury.

Essential Skills for Staying Safe - Soft Skills • Distance Control and Management - maintaining and creating space, gaining situational control and dominance, managing a safe reactionary gap between the suspect and Officer. • Awareness - including recognition of pre assault indicators, dangers of task fixation, distraction tactics of criminals • Colour code and understanding in context and applying it in the workplace and personal life. • Recognition of criminal weapon carrying and acquisition and how to disengage safely to avoid confrontation and physical harm

Last Resort Defensive Skills - Standing • Default response to physical assault designed to negate the attack and minimise injury. • Basic striking skills inc - • Targeting for maximum effect and least potential harm to suspect • Striking techniques • Universal Weapon Defense - evading use of weapons against Officer and escaping with zero or minimal injury Hard Skills Ground Covered in the Course • Ground orientation - Observation and Orientation of the OODA loop • Ground Escape Concepts and skills- the focus on quickly getting back to the feet from under the fight and make space to escape or gain situational control

Simulation drills All techniques and concepts taught are repetitively backed up with simulations. Every time a new skills or concept is trained, the new skill is reinforced by inclusion into and ever increasing scenario. Always starting with contact management, pre assault indicators, and situational control, followed by skills used before, introduce new skill, finish with space, situational control and dominance. Everyone is successful every time and debriefed every time to improve performance.

Force on Force Training Assessment The course will finish with heavy force on force simulations combining all skills and concepts trained over the three days. All scenarios will begin with contact management, pre assault indicators and assault including by multiple attackers. All scenarios will finish with space, situational control and dominance. This force on force training could be maximised to the best possible effect with better protective equipment like FIST helmets. However, with limited protective equipment available, impact has to be limited for safety purposes. The course will be finalised by discussion with students on the benefits of continuing their training even if at home or with friends, the benefits of taking moments to practice visualisation and repetitive movement drills to build and re enforce neural pathways.

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