The Cape Epic provides a great opportunity to raise funds for a charity that the team has been involved with for a number or years. The Alta Du Toit aftercare centre cares for physically and mentally disabled adults who often don’t have any family to look after them. It is a privilege for Francois and Niel to be able to partake in a premium endurance event and raise funds for people that embark daily on their own endurance event, just to get basic tasks done. The team will approach their families, friends, colleagues and businesses that they deal with daily to pledge assistance to the cause by sponsoring them per Km, event completed or upfront donations. Alta Du Toit is a registered NGO and will be able to supply any company with a section 18 certificate for tax deduction benefit.


  • Purchasing of an Alta Epic Cycling shirt

  • Buy & Sell of Alta Handle Bar Bracelets made by Alta du Toit Centre Clients

  • Company or personal donations towards 18A certificate for annual tax deduction

  • Donation / Km towards 18A certificate tax deduction




Alta du Toit Aftercare is a safe haven where adults with intellectual disabilities can live and work.  Provision is made for physical and medical care to our clients and they all take part in established skills development programmes to ensure optimal development throughout their adult lives.  We want each of our clients to reach his/her full potential, so all our service programmes are based on the premise “in the best interest of the client”.


Alta du Toit, whom the school in Kuilsriver and our Aftercare Centre were named after, was born on 04 September 1954.  Two years later she was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.   Alta’s parents, the Late Reverend Daan du Toit and his wife Mrs Alta du Toit, identified a need for a centre in the Northern Suburbs with facilities for people with intellectual disabilities.


Although the path to fulfilling this dream was full of twists and turns and initial resistance, the “Alta du Toit Training Centre” opened in Bellville East in July 1964.  The training centre was declared an official State-owned organisation in 1975.   The training centre was transferred from Bellville East to Kuils River in in 1983, and was later officially named the Alta du Toit School.  As Alta and her friends grew older, another need came to the fore  –  only children to the age of 18 years could be accommodated in the school,  and there were no facilities for adults (18 years and older) with intellectual disabilities.   Various alternatives were considered to address this problem, and eventually it was decided to start with an “aftercare” residential programme on the premises of the old  “Sunshine Home” in Lincoln Street, Boston in Bellville.


The Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre was officially opened in April 1978 with the aim to accommodate adults with intellectual disabilities for “further care and development during their adult lives.” The clients of our centre are mostly from the Cape Metropolitan area, but some of them come from communities in the West Coast, Boland and Overberg regions. Currently we offer full residential care in four hostels, and also offer development and therapeutic service programs  for clients visiting us on a day-care basis.


The Absa Cape Epic as one the world’s most challenging mountain bike races provides  a great opportunity for companies to become involve and obtain exposure. The Centre itself will cover the event on a daily basis and provide information to their followers on their database and Facebook page. These platforms alone consist of more than 5000 people. We also give recognition to our donors in The Tygerburger, our newsletters and social media pages. Apart from the publicity, the centre , being registered as a non profit organisation will also provide you with a section 18A tax certificate.


BBBEE: The Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre is a program of Badisa that is a registered NPO  (NPO 011-891). Badisa has a management program and 157 welfare and residential programs such as the Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre. In 2016/2017 BADISA provided services to 1.2 million beneficiaries of which at least 80%  of the beneficiaries are from the black population group. Any donation to BADISA, or any of their programs, such as the Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre would therefor qualify for full recognition in terms of the codes of good practice. (The BBBEEE act.)


Apart from the Tax benefit it is society’s social responsibility to assist the community to which we belong. To “do good better together” is something that we should all strive to achieve.

We need your support. We would like to request you to consider Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre as a beneficiary for funding. Your contribution will enable us to continue to maintain the standard and improve the service that we deliver to make a difference to the lives of the people in our care.

If you require any more information to make this application successful please do not hesitate to

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ABSA Bank, Branch Code: 632005

Account Nr: 390 1414 24

Account Name: Alta du Toit Aftercare

Reference: Alta Epic