Security services recruitment

In order to ensure that all employees have a clear track record and are of a high standard, they undergo a series of pre-employment checks. These include a polygraph, credit, criminal and previous employment check.

Meticulous selection covers not only the person’s background of stability, honesty and experience, but also his or her personality.  An extra-ordinary amount of energy has to go into this process.


The successful candidates are then submitted to an intensive Government recognized security officer training course.  All courses offered are in compliance with the minimum standards stipulated by P.S.I.R.A.  The candidates are trained on one or more of the intensive courses, depending on the Security Grading required.  Only upon final graduation from the course is the Byers security officer put into the field.


Each of our employees are cleared and registered in terms of the Security Officers Act 1987 by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. (P.S.I.R.A.)

We are willing to put our security staff through a health and safety representative training course, namely NOSA (National Occupational Safety Association), which is aimed at making our security staff more aware of these aspects in their working environment.

On Site Training


Job Descriptions are compiled in conjunction with the client and tailored to meet their specific requirements and specifications.

Our Training Officer is placed on the client's premises, together with any security personnel, prior to commencement of service so that on-site training can be exercised.


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