Undercover operations Security Services

Pin pointing the exact location of shrinkage can be a difficult and frustrating task.

Our expertly skilled staff is incorporated into the work place in such a way that their real identity is never known; thus, they can freely mingle with the client’s personnel and point out vulnerable areas.  They are able to identify and report on all possible criminal activity, commercial and industrial stock loss, and breaches of company and safety regulations.  These discreet investigations are passed on to management via concise reports giving an accurate picture of the activities of dishonest employees.  Added to this, our investigators also make management aware of timekeeping abuse, unsatisfactory conduct, sabotage and employee attitudes.


We do not only identify your problem; we offer solutions, through our proven analytical methodologies and many years of experience. Agents are placed inside the organisation as normal workers and they can be employed as drivers, cashiers, cleaners, administrative, and general workers.

They integrate themselves with other workers to become "one of the workers." Our skilled investigators are trained to gather information which is then analysed by our handlers and presented to the client with our recommendations relating to systems and procedures.

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