Managing Director - Niel Rossouw

ND: Marketing; BTECH: Marketing

Niel Rossouw completed his studies with Cape Technicon and joined Byers & Associates Security in May 1999, firstly as Marketing Manager and then became Director in 2004.  He immediately recognized that the future of South Africans depended heavily on a need for a secure and safe environment. With this vision in mind, he proceeded to promote a service that provided highly trained personnel and a service tailored to suit the individual requirements of each client.


Niel strives to offer his clientele stability and responsibility through professionalism, and to provide them with his personal touch and trustworthiness.  This forms part our vision moving forward in a new, exciting South Africa.  Over the years Niel has employed a formidable personnel group who prides themselves on their expertise of planning and executing a broad spectrum of large scale security projects.


With all these attributes, Niel and his management team continues to expand and improve on their existing services in order to consistently provide the market with the safest and most secure lifestyle possible.

Operations Manager - Hennie Coetzer

Hennie Coetzer, a UK advanced business administration graduate, joined the Byers Team in November 2009 as an area manager. He currently manages the Builders Warehouse security portfolio on behalf of Byers & Associates Security Services, a task he is well equipped for.


Hennie was employed by the Massstores t/a Dions, Makro and Game group from 1992 to 1999. He started as a sales consultant but then progressed to a systems audit controller and later a loss prevention manager. Hennie moved on to become the operations-contracts manager for Fidelity Springbok Security Services. He served in this position from January 2000 to  March 2004. In September 2004, Hennie left the shores of South Africa to become a Maintenance Engineer at Planned Maintenance Engineering Services in the UK, and thereafter took up employment at GHS UK Ltd as a contract supervisor. He continued to work and live in the UK till he returned to South Africa in August 2009. 

Operations Assitant - Merle Isaacs

Ms Isaacs became an employee of Byers & Associates Security Services in 1991 as a security officer in the retail industry. Merle became a controller in our switchboards office in 1993 where she remained for a number of years before being promoted to the Operations Office as a recruitment officer.


Her duties include issuing uniforms to security officers, drafting posting sheets, resolving staff leave and compiling security officers’ duty rosters. Merle plays an integral part in the daily operations of Byers & Associates Security Services. She takes a keen interest in the security officers and knows each one by name.

Area Manager - Chris Reed

Mr. Reed has been a loyal employee of Byers & Associates Security Services for over 5 years. He started, like so many, at ground level and climbed the coporate ladder to become head of operations at Byers & Associates Security Services. Changing circumstances then lead to a shift in responsibilities and Chris became the area manager for Epping Sites.   He has flourished in this area, contributing substantially to the crime prevention in the area.

Area Manager - Donovan Urquhart

Donovan Urquhart is the newest and youngest member of our Management Team. But don't let his youthfulness fool you as his attention to detail and his "do it right the first time" attitude always gets the job done. Donovan has been in the security industry since 2012 and joined us in early 2015 as a Area Manager in the Airport Area and Surrounds. He works hand-in-hand with the airport CID and has since taken over and now runs the Eris Properties portfolio for Byers Security Services.  He enjoys building personal relationships with his clients and guards to ensure the best service possible is given at all times and this makes him an extremely important asset here at Byers Security Services.

Training Facilitator - Wesley Ockhuis


Financial Manager - Lynn Consul

Mrs Consul is a meticulous bookkeeper. She became an employee of Byers & Associates Security Services in October 2007. After completing her ND: Cost and Management Accounting in 2005, she was offered an apprenticeship contract at Moores Rowland Chartered Accountants. In February 2006 she became a permanent employee of Moores Rowland as a junior bookkeeper. Lynn was entrusted with a portfolio of clients spread across Cape Town in a wide range of industries. Her commitment to rendering a qualitative and quantitative service resulted in her promotion to a Level 3 bookkeeper.

In 2008 Ms Hanevil completed a Btech: Cost & Management Accounting Degree.


During her last year as part of the Byers team, Mrs Consul was able to recover a substantial amount of bad debts. She is constantly trying to implement measures of cost saving so as to gain the highest output from the least input.

Mrs Consul is a loyal employee who incorporates her Christian beliefs and attitudes into the work she delivers. She’s always willing to work outside her scope of business, making her very reliable.

Logistics Officer - Carine Coetzer

Carine left for the UK in 2003 after completing a 3 year diploma in Interior Designing. She specialized in various sectors while living in the UK.  During her time in the UK she worked as a security officer and from there moved onto frontline security where she was employed as a security receptionist in the corporate Industry.  Carine was then permanently employed by Ashville Properties as building Manager for the building in which she worked as security receptionist.  She also furthered her studies while in the UK, obtaining a 3 year diploma in Computer Science. She returned to SA in 2007 where she worked as Office Manager for CIS before joining Byers in 2011 as Logistics Officer.  She manages the company fleet, uniform, equipment and also assists with the payroll.

Administrator - Elaine van Eeden

Elaine sort employment in the UK in 2004 where she was employed in various sectors spanning across hospitality, security, admin and health care.  She lived in the UK for 6 years before returning to South Africa in 2010.  Elaine completed a course in Basic Bookkeeping, Pastel and Computer Course Level N6. She brought with her experience in all business admin including payroll, invoicing and HR.  She started with Byers Security in February 2014 as administrator and manages the leave and sick leave for all security officers and assists her department with all other duties.    

Debtors / Creditors Clerk Sonja du Plessis  

Even before completing her tertiary education, Sonja immediately took an interest in bookkeeping. Her passion for this field, along with her dedication is what motivated her to complete her tertiary education part-time while already employed as a jnr bookkeeper. After completing her studies, qualifying as a Certified bookkeeper in 2005 Sonja gained experience, and honed her skills as Snr bookkeeper, Assistant Accountant at various companies before joining Byers & Associates in 2011.  Mrs Du Plessis looks after the Debtors and Creditors, as well as being Accounts Manager for the Alarms section of Byers.  She is a dedicated employee whose Christian beliefs are evident in her daily work and attitude. Her willingness to assist even outside her scope of business, as well as her positive attitude, makes her a valuable asset to Byers & Associates.

Client Liaison Manager - Tania Rossouw

Tania started her professional career at Prima Toys and remained with them for six years. She was then employed by a Fruit Export Company where her duties were focused on debtors and creditors. Mrs. Rossouw joined Byers & Associates Security Services in August 2003 due to the vision she shares with her husband, Director, Niel Rossouw. As part of her duties, Mrs. Rossouw visits clients and conducts "on-the-job training" with Security Officers. Tania also constructs reports on her site visits which relays information on the week's occurrences and advises clients regarding problem situations.

Liaison Officer - Fransuzane Martin

Fransuzane Martin is a Liaison Administrator (Officer) at Byers Security Services. She received her Diploma in Theology at Nazarene Theology College in Johannesburg. Fransuzane has been a Recruitment Consultant for 8 years and after her 4 years career as an Operations Manager at her previous company, she decided to change from career and started at Byers Security Services in 2013.  She is a team worker, likes a challenge and is goal orientated. When she is not glued to the computer she spends time with her family.

Liaison Assistant - Karen Lindes

Before joining Byers Security on the 11th of September 2013, Karen Lindes lived in the Northern Cape for 10 years. She managed a small hotel for 9 years and dealt with clients every day, managed the books, worked as a chef, dealt with staff issues, did stock take and planned functions. For a year afterwards Karen worked for Karoo Vleisboere Co-op as a Cashier, helped with stock take and assisted in the admin. Karen previously worked at Sanlam and two furniture removal companies. She moved back to Cape Town with her family in June 2013. Karen is employed in the liaison department and types the client’s reports for the different Byers’s sites and also assists in the admin department when needed. Karen enjoys working in a team and loves a challenge. She is a strong, independent woman ready to take on anything thrown her way and never gives up. Her loyalty always lies with the company she is employed at.The most important people to her are her 4 children. Their happiness and success means everything to her.