Property risk management for Corporate clients

Risk Management is as much about identifying opportunities as it is about avoiding losses.  Allow us to introduce our 4 step approach to assist you to put a Risk Management System in place to have a positive answer to the above question and whilst doing that, also comply to the OHSACT and other legislation:


Step 1:
•Assessing your current risk profile
(Health & Safety; Transport; Administration; IT; etc)


Step 2:
•Identifying your actual and potential business, strategic and operational risks
(Analyzing existing and proposing new or improved methods)


Step 3:
•Implementing a Risk Management system that suits your risk profile


Step 4:
•Monitoring the Risk Management process
(Reports on completion of each step; Quarterly Assessments)


There are various benefits when you implement a Risk Management System, such as:
•Better informed decisions
•Effective Strategic Planning
•Your assets are safe-guarded
•You comply with statutory legislation
•You act responsibly towards your stakeholders
•React efficiently and effectively in the event of unavoidable business surprises
•Achieve your strategic goals and pursue new opportunities for growth and expansion because your time spent troubleshooting will be reduced

Increased knowledge of the exposures within the organizations

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