Overcoming the Human Element

Arriving late on duty or not arriving at all:
Our company vehicle uplifts our staff from their homes and takes them directly out to the site. On the ‘self posting sites’ security officers report to our controller before their shifts starts. Any potential problems can be sorted out immediately, thanks to the stand-by force available at our base office 24 hours per day.


Not in full uniform:
We believe that a smartly uniformed officer will enhance your company image; thus, all our officers are inspected before the shift starts or when the Field Inspector goes to the site. Any officer who is not in full uniform will be given replacement items from our reserve stock.


Drinking on duty:
Our Field Inspectors are issued with breathalyzer kits to test any officer under suspicion of being intoxicated in any way.

 Leaving their designated sites:
Our Field Inspectors and Base Controllers monitor the sites throughout the shift. Due to this efficient management control, the officers are unable to slip through this "loop-hole". Our Guard Monitoring System also prevents this practice.

Sleeping on duty:
Every Officer on duty must give a situation report every 20 to 30 minutes. Our Guard Monitoring System further assists in this problem.

Each of our employees are cleared and registered in terms of the Security Officers Act 1987 by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority(P.S.I.R.A).

We specialize in:

•Egress/Access Control
•Guard Monitoring Patrols
• Alarm Activations
•Fire Drills
• Maintenance Checks

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